SOSEDEI provides the following customer support solutions to its clients to facilitate flexible, cost-effective and efficient operations:

Data collection
Data collection
For our global clients and organizations, we offer our multilingual data collection solutions through the medium of telephone. We have experience in web-based CATI telephone surveying and we exclusively work with native language speakers, overseen by a single client facing team leader.


> customer satisfaction survey
> opinion poll
> sector/ industry study
> brand awareness survey…

Lead generation
Lead generation
Lead generation is no easy task. How do you keep the top of your sales funnel full of new sales leads without wasting your time or budget? We can build your target list and you can reap the benefits of our seasoned sales staff, without the waiting and the yearlong ramp-up time.


> compile reputable, extensive client list
> lead qualification
> lead generation
> lead nurturing
> customer retention…

Customer support
Deciding to have your customer service outsourced should not be taken lightly. Depending on your requirements, our customer service outsourcing offering can include monitoring and managing email, voice (Skype, mobile and landline communications), webcare and real-time chat.


> customer complaint
> product information requests
> appointment setting
> direct communication with customers on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook…

At present, SOSEDEI uses three channels – phone, email, and live chat – to provide inbound and outbound customer support solutions.
We offer second-to-none customer support solutions that will help your business to succeed! Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out what is possible!